The final group for the 2007 season were German anglers Andreas and Manfred. The weather for November was unusually windy, which again meant limited opportunities for our well travelled guests. Neither of them were particularly keen to pop extensively, prefering to jig and troll. This was fine as the abundance of pelagic species kept the guys on their toes. Multiple sailfish captures were highlighted by some big wahoo and when huge schools of chunky yellowfin tuna turned up for the last few days, the strikes came thick and fast.

Dogtooth tuna, nice sized GTs, plenty of black trevally and yellowfin tuna were the mainstays of the jigging. However, it proved to be the numerous sailfish that captured the attention of both Andreas and Manfred with neither having seen such consistent billfish action.

Andreas' prophecy of calm conditions on the day of departure proved to be spot on. This left Mark with a few days of great weather to enjoy before wrapping things up for the 2007 seaon. Geoff was more than happy to share in the great fishing over that time and he cashed in with some great fish as Mark signed off with his last fish for the year being a 30+kg GT taken on a jigged Halco Max.

Stay in touch for some highlights of 2007 to be put up on this site before the '08 season kicks off. Not long now!!!  


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