Renee Winter and Sascha Taube were the first German anglers to try their hand at popping and jigging the waters of Christmas Island. Being very keen to jig as much as possible, the guys found it very hard going with the big fish like dogtooth being confined to just a few isolated spots. Armed with both PE4 and PE8 jig outfits it became an all too regular occurence that jigs offered on the light outfits were taken by the bigger fish. This contributed to a combination of broken rods, broken line, various tackle failure and a larger than normal number of sharks which meant that no real "trophy" size fish were landed on jigs.  

Jigging was still productive however, particularly on pelagic species. There were many school size yellowfin tuna as well as double hook ups on wahoo and even a big sailfish which was hooked but unfortunately lost near the boat. All this was along with the usual smaller jigging fish like black trevally and various jobfish.

Popping was once again the stand out option with some great GTs taken in the relatively small amount of time spent casting lures. GTs have continued to be very consistent over the last few months.

You might think that it is an extremely long way to go to Christmas Island from Germany and yes, it is. But when you live in Germany it is a long way to anywhere that has tropical sportfish like GTs. Christmas Island however, is quite an easy destination from Europe with a great connection through Singapore, then a 2 hour flight to the island once a week. Renee is from Roger Tours and he can help with travel packages from Europe. His contact is HYPERLINK  or click this link to visit the Roger Tours German Web Site.

Thanks, Mark.

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