Facts about Christmas Island

Where is it?

Christmas Island is located 2600km's northwest of Perth, Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. Its closest neighbour is Java a mere 360kms away. 63% of the islands 135 square kilometers is National Park. Christmas Island is an Australian external territory. 

How do I get there?

You can fly to Christmas Island from either Perth direct or viaCocos Islands. During the tourist season, there may even be flight from Kuala Lumpur or Djakarta. When operating, the weekly schedule for these flights can be found on the Christmas Island Tourism Association homepage. 

What accomodation is available?

Shorefire Charters recommends The Sunset and VQ3 Lodge for its guests. The close proximity to Shorefire premises and to the coast and boat ramp make both of these guest houses perfect for the fishermans stay. Additional options cab be found on the Christmas Island Tourism Association web site, or contact Mark Rochfort direct to find out what is avilable on the dates you are interesed in.

Is the Food Local? 

The unique cultural diversity of Christmas island is reflected in the variety of its cuisine. Chinese and Malay noodle bars and restaurants offer truly authentic Asian fare at very reasonable prices, while Australian style coffee shops, lunch bars and taverns complete a vast array of dining options.

How is the Weather?

Christmas Island experiences a tropical equatorial climate with wet and dry seasons. The wet season is from December to April when the island comes under the influence of the north-west monsoons. During the rest of the year, the south-east trade winds bring slightly lower temperatures and humidity with much less rain. Further information about the climate can be found on the Christmas Island Tourism Association homepage

Are their Tours available? 

The Christmas Island Tourism Association has all relevant information regarding the Island as well as useful facts, and other links that may be ofinterest.

Can I get to the Cocas Islands from Christmas Island?

Cocos Island Tourism Association
Planning to visit Christmas Island? Why not combine a visit to our nearest Australian neighbour the Cocos Keeling Islands. Just 900 km to the southwest of Christmas, Cocos is a coral atoll with pristine white beaches. The flights to Christmas Island usually stops at the Cocas Islands on either the flight to, or th eflight from Cheistmas Island.