We finally got this season underway with a visit from Bruno, Sam and Josh. A couple of days trolling produced wahoo, yellowfin tuna and barracuda for the boys with Bruno claiming bragging rights with a nice sailfish.
Steve and Mel were next to travel here, coming in from Singapore for a week of trolling, popping and jigging. Trolling produced wahoo and yellowfin, with GTs and yellowfin taking poppers. With only a few mid size GTs hitting the big poppers, the lads moved to PE4 casting gear. This proved a winning move as the GTs showed a liking to the smaller offerings, resulting in some great sessions on the lighter tackle. Whilst jigging didn't provide the quantity of fish we were looking for, it did provide the quality. Mel jigged up a big sailfish, only for it be lost boatside, while Steve hit the jackpot with a 40kg yellowfin. Amazingly, the big tuna was tempted by a Shimano Lucanus bay jig. The miniature hooks on the lure meant that Steve had his work cut out for him as he angled for over an hour before boating the tuna.

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