October is regarded as a prime fishing month on Christmas Island and this year it was Chris and Gene from Singapore who fished the week of the full moon. Jigging was foremost in the minds over the first few days with good weather and low swells giving good access. Jigging with PE5 and 6 gear proved the undoing of the lads as repeated strikes, from what were certainly big dogtooth, resulted in hook ups to unstoppable freight trains headed straight for the bottom. The fish were hanging very close to the bottom which made the task of stopping them before they found home almost impossible. Black trevally, smaller amberjack and dogtooth were boated and successfully released. Over the last few days the boys re-rigged with PE8 and borrowed a rod from Mark, a Seven Seas Northern Mariana that previously belonged to Matsutani, but changes to the weather meant access and "the bite"were gone.

Popping produced some nice GTs, with the Patriot Design "Masterd Bomb" proving to be the standout lure. .

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