A late cancellation presented us with a 2 week opening over the prime October new moon period. At short notice Mark's kids Joh and Julie decided to return to the island to spend some time with their family, friends and for Joh in particular, lots of time fishing. Joh was keen to catch big fish on poppers while Julie, who only went out the one time, was just happy to catch a fish. Mark's wife Suhaima, herself an accomplished angler, also managed to get out on Shorefire and catch a very nice Wahoo. She made the most of the fact that it was part of a double hook up, while Mark as the other angler, proceeded to drop his fish. Mark also managed to throw a popper or two and was rewarded with a great GT on a new Patriot Design "Masterd Bomb" popper. You will definitely see many more big GTs taken on these poppers. Their ability to hold in the water in rough conditions and the huge bloop they produce make these outstanding lures.
Mark's uncle Gary Nankiville also spent a few days out with us to complete a nice relaxing period of great fishing.

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