Renowned Japanese angler Matsutani and his accomplice Yasuda have just spent a week jigging and popping the waters around Christmas Island. Good size GT's were taken on big blooping poppers and really big stickbaits. A piece of advice, don't ever let anyone tell you "that stickbait is too big", the bigger the stickbait the bigger the GT.

Jigging the deeper water produced several Dogtooth with the largest going over 50kg. A nice Big Eye Tuna, also in excess of 50kg was taken in the same session as the big Dogtooth and believe me, the Big Eye would have pulled the doggie backwards. Even bigger fish were hooked but lost for various reasons. Smaller species were also about, with yellowfin tuna, black trevally, ruby snapper, red bass, coronation trout and bluefin trevally hitting jigs or poppers.

Quality fish like these don't just jump into the boat and it takes experienced anglers who are prepared to work hard to achieve such results. In the end, we have some very happy anglers who can't get back to Christmas Island quick enough.

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