Schools of big tuna made their presence felt in August, perfect timing for a group of Spanish anglers led by Alberto Oromi. It's a very long way from Barcelona to Christmas Island, but the trip proved worthwhile as the group hit yellowfin tuna on poppers and jigs and a sensational big eye tuna taken jigging by Alberto.
Regular visitor to Christmas Island, gun Japanese angler Matsutani, arrived in August armed with a full arsenal of popping rods and lures. While really big GTs proved hard to come by, good sized fish were around. The highlight being a red hot evening/night session where 20+ strikes resulted in 9 fish boated in an hour.
Joining Matsutani were experienced jiggers Kenny Tan and Ng Yam Pin. Some deep water species were a firsts for the group as Ng showed that long jigs can be very effective when worked by talented jigger!

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