"It's not everyday you get to travel to an isolated fishing destination. We'd had this trip planned for six months or so, and we were totally pumped. What we experienced though was beyond our wildest dreams. The time spent fishing the waters around the island was the best we had ever experienced. When we were sick and tired of catching multiple GTs and Red Bass on poppers, we would simply take a break by trolling up a few wahoo, and the occassional yellowfin and sail. To say we were totally stoked would be an understatement. We have already booked our next trip." ..........  Matt Gillett.

As you can see Matt and Brent had a fantastic trip. Being an ex-island resident, Matt had caught plenty of wahoo on the troll so his goal for this trip was to take a wahoo on a cast lure. Not the easiest thing to do. However the size of the smile on his face said it all when, after several near misses, that goal was reached. Brent on the other hand just wanted to catch fish and with five new species on the first day, most of them on poppers, he never looked back. 

While so much was achieved on this trip, the boys were quick to identify some of the many opportunities that the island has to offer. We know we will see them again next season.

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