The 2012 charter season got under way in August with a visit from our mates from Bluewater Tackle coming up to test the early season fishing. Hal Harvey returned after a 9 year interval and was accompanied by Chris Anderson. The lads were not able to travel on the good moon phase which meat the GTs were not as co-operative as we would have hoped, but the availability of yellowfin tuna meant that the popping gear still got a good workout. As usual the wahoo were ever present and Hal in particular said how much he enjoyed trolling them up on jigging tackle.

Ben Robertson is our young part timer here at Shorefire. Ben gets out with Mark at every opportunity when we don’t have clients here, and Ben just loves popping. Over the next few months you’ll see photos of him appearing in the reports as he attempts to land big GTs and tuna on casting gear. He’s off to a reasonable start with the tuna but he has already learnt the hard way that you don’t tangle with the big Gee’s with PE6!

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